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Kind Messages from our guests

Kind Messages

From Our Happy Guests

Lowell, Indiana

Scott & Carrie Nichols

July 1-5, 2023

Elayne, we had a wonderful stay. Marengo cave was great! The peaceful mornings and break away from technology was a great and needed change! The fishing........outstanding! We caught 140 fish in 2 days! 65 in one evening! We released all but 6 to fry them. One big bass!! Thank you for the bread and hospitality! We left you some sunflower seeds from our farm to plant. They are smaller with amazing colors! Hope you enjoy!

P.S. We used only red worms and wax worms to catch fish!

Alberta, Canada

Mez & Debbie Merricks

April 14 - 29, 2023

We had wonderful two week break. Very peaceful and relaxing. The cottage is like a time capsule, transporting you back to a simpler time. It has all the things you need but nothing to spoil the tranquility. We enjoyed sitting on the deck and watching the large variety of birds. On warmer nights we were treated to a light show from the fireflies. We caught lots of fish, more than 50 a day on some days. Biggest Bass was around 16", most of them around the 8" to 12" range. Lots of bluegill too. All were released. Bass were mainly caught on crank lures around the edge. Bluegill mainly on worms.

Your adopted son - ha ha

Mary Nell & Roger

April 12-14, 2023

Wow! What a beautiful cabin and surroundings. Our stay was short, but we will be back. Thank you Elayne, for your hospitality and the bread was wonderful. It paired up with the chicken salad I made. It was delicious. I must mention that I love your art work. What a treasure!

The Lowe's

March 31 to April 2, 2023

Thanks so much for sharing your cabin and lake with us. In spite of the weather, we enjoyed our stay and our grandson caught OVER 50 fish!!!

Jose & Annette

December 2-4, 2022

Thank you so much Elayne. We enjoyed the peaceful stay and my husband enjoyed trying to catch fish, but got too cold. (ha, ha). Just want to thank you also for your homemade bread. We will be back again.

Kristi & Mike

October 23-29, 2022

Enjoyed the peaceful stay and the good fishing! Thanks so much for being a great host and the bread! A great relaxing vacation. Thank you again.

Steve & Taffy

October 9-12, 2022

Thank you for the beautiful well kept clean and comfortable!! You certainly excel at inn keeping! We enjoyed having the wonderful warm cabin to return to after our adventures in the area. The delicious bread made our breakfasts special and coffee on the porch was a treat, as the variety of birds joined us at the feeder. The turkeys were great to watch, too!! The lake is lovely! We hope to see you again the future.
Northern, Kentucky

Christine Schaffe

October 9-12, 2022

My husband and I came from N. Ky. to get away for our 2nd anniversary, (even tho we are "seniors"). Anyway, we really love this cabin and the seclusion, (no airplane noise!) Joe loves to fish, (I don't), but he thought I had to catch one so he cast it out, handed it to me and right away a very large bluegill was landed. No small feat, it was a heavy fighter! He caught many fish and assures me he knows how to remove the hook without hurting the fish! Thank you Elayne for giving us the opportunity to unplug and enjoy your woods, lake and cabin!

The Wachalas

September 22-26, 2022

Elayne, thank you again for a wonderful, relaxing vacation! It was great bringing our daughter and son-in-law and introducing him to fishing. We all had a peaceful, relaxing stay. See you next time! Stay healthy!
Evansville, Indiana

The Antey's

September 8-11, 2022

We have enjoyed staying at your peaceful, cozy cabin. Just what I need. It was very relaxing. Loved the hummingbirds. I enjoyed the porch swing as well. My husband enjoyed the fishing. Thanks for your homemade bread. It was delicious.

Cincinnati, Ohio

Peyton & Jalynn

August 27, 2022

Thank you, Elayne, for sharing your beautiful piece of property. My girlfriend brought me here for my birthday to just get away for a little and also because I love bass fishing. Everything about it was perfect. No service, no wifi, just relaxing with my ole lady and catching tons of fish. One morning I caught 10 bass in two hours; most of them were caught directly across from the dock on that opposite bank. There's a ridge in the water and a lot of them seem to be hanging out on either side of it. Most of our fish were caught using a Texas rig with either a blue or green crawler, tip for you other bass pros. Also the fish are beautiful and healthy! Thanks again.

Crystal & Joe

July 31 - August 7, 2022

We had a great, relaxing week! Thank you very much, Elayne, for sharing your amazing property with others and for your hospitality in being a wonderful host! This was our 3rd year spending time here and we loved every day. We look forward to seeing you again next year!

Will, Matt, Chris and Chuck

July 8-10, 2022

This was the first fishing trip my brothers and I have had with our father in 20 years! We used to go fishing every weekend as kids. So much fun! Thank you for sharing this lovely cabin!

"My yoke is easy and my burden is light"
Jesus of Nazareth

The Grice family

July 4-6, 2022

Dear Elayne, Me and my mom and dad had so much fun here and we hope to come back soon. The boats were my favorite. I have one suggestion, put a lock on the bathroom please (there is one!) I loved fishing even though we didn't catch that much we still had an awesome time and we hope you have a wonderful day.

Kokomo, Indiana

Ed & Rhonda

June 24-26, 2022

Had a good weekend, as always.
Philadelphia, PA

Fred & Tricia Shanks

June 10-18, 2022

Elayne - Thank you for the bread! It was lovely with coffee and the birds in the morning. We came down (over) from Philadelphia to celebrate a 50th birthday and relax. We spent the first few days with friends and enjoyed the week by ourselves. Fred enjoyed the fishing on the lake, the boat was great. The porch was wonderful to sit on all day, reading and listening to music. You have a special property! We really enjoyed our stay!
Swanton, Ohio

Sally & Ken

June 5-10, 2022

Elayne, thank you for the sumptuous bread. We had a great relaxing time in this beautiful cain. I could live in one like this - so comforting. We felt at home here and the enjoyment of watching the birds and squirrels and chipmunks was a lot of fun. Those two hummingbirds are characters - funny. The fishing was great, enjoyed our meals - yummy. Hope to be able to come back again. God's blessings.

The Lundsfords

May 29 - June 4, 2022

Thank you for sharing this beautiful property! The homemade bread and fresh picked strawberries were delicious and such a sweet touch! We caught some yummy blue gill and enjoyed all the wildlife. Our little girls loved our vacation, time with family and nature! God bless!!

Linda Falls & Scott Shelton

May 9-14, 2022

Had a great time, love this area, so pretty. Enjoyed a trip to Louisville Zoo as well! Great cozy cabin and delicious bread!

Trish & David Thompson

May 3-7, 2022

Elayne, Thank you so much for sharing this cabin with us (It's heavenly)! We have had so much fun, sitting back relaxing, listening to the birds chirping and the bunnies hopping in the woods. Your cabin is heavenly and we are going to make this a tradition to come back ever year!! God bless you and keep you always. BTW your bread is amazing!!!

Cincinnati, Ohio

Jim & Lora

April 21-24, 2022

What a peaceful get-away! A gem hidden in the woods on a tranquil lake. We thoroughly enjoyed sitting on the deck, swinging and hearing the beautiful chimes and chirps of the birds. We were delighted by the numerous birds and variety of birds. Thank you for letting us (encouraging us) to feed the birds. We also enjoyed fishing on the lake, watching the geese and spying some turtles. Thank you for the opportunity to experience this little slice of heaven along with a tasty loaf of bread!